Famous Drummer From Bristol

Famous Drummer From Bristol

Here at Drum Lessons Bristol, we love to inspire our students with stories of success with drummers originating right here in Bristol. 

Sean Moore (Manic Street Preachers)

Sean Moore is the drummer of the great British rock band the Manic Street Preachers. Whilst they originate from nearby Wales, they are currently based in Bristol. According to their biography “Sean Moore is quite possibly the only person in rock who doesn’t take the Manics seriously”. Proving to our students here in Bristol that a wider musicality is important, he is a classically trained musician and was the youngest ever trumpet player to play in the South Wales jazz orchestra. Whilst he doesn’t quite fit the rock look of the band, he is recognised as the most dedicated to the band. Outside work he is a huge gadget fan and even holds the 22nd fastest lap record for the Nurburgring!

David Francolini

Born in Bermuda, Francolini has become one of the top drummers and record producers of the region. He played in several Bristol bands during the 1980’s, eventually co-founding the psychedelic rock band, Levitation, in 1990. Levitation went on to release numerous singles and an album. After the departure of frontman Terry Bickers the band split in 1994. He then formed Dark Star with his Levitation bandmates in 1996. Since the split of Dark Star, Francolini has set up 2 recording studios in Bristol and worked with a number of bands in the area. 

Manny Elias

Manny Elias is an Indian born drummer. After being a part of the rock band, Interview, in Bath, Elias began playing with the well known Bristol band, Tears For Fears. With Tears For Fears, Elias drummed on the albums The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair as well as touring with the band. Since drumming with the band, Elias has performed and recorded with artists such as Peter Gabriel and Julian Lennon.

Rob Ellis

Rob Ellis, born 1962 in Bristol, is a producer, composer and drummer known for his contemporary classical and jazz style. He is well known for his work with PJ Harvey, indeed he is credited as her producer, arranger and musician since 1990. He has recently released the second volume of his albums ‘Music for the Home’. These albums concentrate on personal and experimental music. He started learning the drums at 17 and first played in Bristol band Automatic Dlamini. He taught himself music notation and has since produced for a huge variety of artists but focuses predominantly on more experimental styles. He currently works in France and has a keen interest in French classical music. He is a great example to our Bristol drum students that rock is not the only way to go in drumming!

We also have some fantastic street performers in Bristol, including this terrific drummer who often performs in the city centre!

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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I have taught many beginner students over the years, helping them to develop their drumming ability and increase their confidence on the drums. I have also helped more advanced drummers to progress, enabling them to add new elements, techniques and genres to their drumming.

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